Solar PV heating

With advances in technology solar water heating systems have become more and more efficient.

Now we can offer the latest technology


After years of research and testing of various systems on offer , we can now offer the best system available.

The SolarPro PV heating system transforms your existing electric geyser into a solar geyser without all the added on  solar collectors, insulated connecting piping, pumps and controllers.

The systems consists of a solar PV  panel array (3 to 5 panels), sized to match the capacity of your geyser. An electronic controller with thermostat and a digital display unit with temp readout

By connecting the SolarPro to your existing or new geyser, Hot water can be generated more efficiently and conveniently than with conventional water heating systems.

Typical problems associated with conventional systems  are eliminated with the

SolarPro system


The SolarPro functions as a specialized priority controller that enables PV Direct current (DC) power to be fed to the heating element of a standard electric geyser without the need to replace the element or geyser.Electrical connection is done by connecting the PV panels to the PV panel input on the SolarPro controller and the 220V grid supply to the grid input on the SolarPro  Thereby providing the option  of having grid backup in the event of bad weather or at night. The system will function normally on solar power if no grid is available.

The SolarPro unit is fully programmable so the use of Grid power  can be automatically controlled to suit your hot water use

The digital display unit will enable you to monitor the actual water temperature at any time.

Advantages of Solar PV heating over conventional thermal solar heating

 2) Standard geyser can be used.

From Sept 2018 all geysers manufactured in SA will have to comply with new SABS insulation requirements.

Therefore they will now be insulated with at least 55mm thick insulation, similar to existing solar geysers

2)  Very low maintenance

No regular anti-freeze replacement required

No external piping or pump required

No moving parts

No freeze damage possible

Not susceptible to scaling and calcification

3)  Performance

Much better performance  under cloudy or misty weather conditions

Not affected by low ambient  temps (flat plate collectors)

PV panels have 20 year lifetime warranty

No overheating (evacuated tube collectors)

4)  Installation simplicity

PV panels do not have to be installed close to the geyser, allowing optimal positioning of panels

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